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Generation Four- Anastasia-Blossom: Chapter 17

-warning: NSFW content ahead– ;D

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Generation Four- Anastasia-Blossom: Chapter 16

“Hey, Pear?” Yeah? “I love you…” I know. There was a subtle sadness in her eyes that told me so, so many things…but mainly that she was getting tired of fighting.

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Generation Four- Anastasia-Blossom: Chapter 15

When they finally released me after what seemed like a million years but was truly only a few days, I got home and collapsed into my bed and cried. Truly cried. I had kept myself sane in the hospital, just … Continue reading

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Generation Four- Anastasia-Blossom: Chapter 14

Sid was released from the hospital about a month later; a lot sooner than I had hoped he would be but I was glad for it. I didn’t trust doctors. They had too much on their mind all the time … Continue reading

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Generation Four- Anastasia-Blossom: Chapter 13

“Stop stressing, Stay, she said it’s fine. Really.” “But we’re late. I don’t WANT to be late, especially if it’s something for Ruby-she never plans anything, so this has to be something big!” “We’ll get there, don’t worry. Slow down!” … Continue reading

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Generation Four- Anastasia-Blossom: Chapter 12

“I think I might be pregnant.” “Wait, really?!” “Yeah, really,” I said enthusiastically, my heart leaping in my chest. The symptoms had sure been showing themselves off, and Berry knows how un-careful Sid and I had been. It’s not like … Continue reading

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Generation Four- Anastasia-Blossom: Chapter 11 Part Two

***So, just a quick little author’s note here. :3 I’m trying to get updates out at the same rapidity speed (I make up and/or use way too fancy words…) as I was in the summer, I honestly am~! It’s just getting … Continue reading

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