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Generation 1- Chapter 16: Lime

After Cotton moved in, things were pretty hectic around the house. For one, the twins had recently had their twelfth birthday!

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Generation 1- Chapter 15: Lime

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Generation 1- Chapter 14: Lime

**Note- This is the song playing for this chapter. Adds a nice touch and all.** “What if I told you that I was pregnant?” I just gotta let you know,

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Generation 1- Chapter 13: Lime

Today was our wedding day. The house was just buzzing with activity. Butterscotch was in the backyard, configuring things. Bad luck to see your bride right before you’re getting married, no? I had let Strawberry dress up the twins, and … Continue reading

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Generation 1- Chapter 12: Lime

Before I knew it, the twins’ birthdays were here. I didn’t really throw much of a party, because we were just too busy planning the wedding. It was very soon, so the twins’ birthdays had arrived just on time. Although … Continue reading

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Generation 1- Chapter 11: Lime

Two months later. It was a crystal clear day in Twizzlerbrook. That’s how the best day of my life started out. Sunshine was pouring in through the window and there was no clouds in the sky. It was actually rather … Continue reading

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Generation 1- Chapter 10: Lime

Oh gosh, so much has happened! Where should I begin? Well, I guess day.

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