Hey, Angie here! It’s been like… 2 years or so since the last chapter. I feel like I might have lied to some of you, and I’m sorry about that. I decided recently to officially end Different. It’s not that I want to, or that I lost interest, but merely that I don’t have time. Since the last chapter, I’ve graduated high school and I’m going into college soon; additionally, so much has happened in my life (I’ve moved like four times since 2013, battled sicknesses and depression, lost friends, etc). I start school the 21st or so of August, and by then it’ll have been more than 2 years.

But I digress.

I’m sorry to anyone who hoped I would continue Different. Maybe one day, being that I love Shiloh and all of the characters so much.. but probably not. Sims is really hard to find time for when you’re a *shudders* responsible adult. So I guess you could say it’s officially over. I’ve finished writing his actual story and started the next generation; I’ll upload it some time. (Shiloh and Malibu would have 4 kids, Aggy, Elixir, Solstice and Denver; I can’t remember Aggy’s berry name, I played with the thought of her as a regular person too much. Elixir was gonna have a best friend who died and they were gonna travel the world together so Elixir does it in memory of her best friend. One time Elixir’s plane crashes and she lands on a monarchy island. The royal family takes her in and since theres a war going on at that point in time on the island, Elixir joins as a soldier bc she has no clue what shes doing with her life. The prince, Indigo, recently lost his sister Raven in the war. They hate each other at first, but they end up falling in love and Elixir becomes a princess. It’s actually really intense.)

On another note, I wanted to thank anyone who’s still out there for being there! I’ve had this story since I was like, 13, and it’s been such a huge part of my life. You guys have been too. I probably wouldn’t be the weirdo I am today without Different and you guys. So thank you. (thank you for being a friend… whoops this aint the golden girls) I love you guys so much and if you want, I’ll keep you updated but that seems like it would be fruitless. Either way, thank you for shaping me as a person. I’ll always remember Different fondly due to its loyal readers, my fans.

If you wanted to know, I’ll be studying Graphic Design and business. I hope to be a graphic designer in the future. Fingers crossed. Thank you to anyone who’s reading this. I love you guys.

In the words of Jim Halpert (a perfect Shiloh imo),

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A llama who likes to write, read, draw, basically anything involving the mind. That's all you need to know, methinks.. :]
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3 Responses to Announcement…?

  1. Oh 😦 I’d be lying if I said I didn’t suspect this given the time gap, but I’ve seen some simmers come back after such breaks (like me, LOL), so I still held out a bit of hope for this awesome blog. Still though, I completely understand your decision to discontinue Different. It gets really difficult to find the time to blog and it seems it only gets more and more challenging as we get older! D=

    Thank you though for all the wonderful stories you have shared with us and thanks for letting us know what would have happened to Shiloh, Malibu, and their children 🙂 I did always wonder, hehe.

    Also, ughhhh such a perfect GIF to conclude this on…THE FEEEELS! *clutches chest and keels over* Different will always be in my heart! ❤ It's one of those blogs that you never quite forget no matter how long it's been 🙂

    Good luck with everything that you pursue in life. I wish you nothing but the best in the years to come! ^_^

    • Thank you so much! I’m going to miss you – throughout the years you’re one of the readers who’s stood out the most. You’ve always just been there, lurking in the shadows 😉 you’re honestly such a sweetheart. Thank you ❤

      • No problem! I’m going to miss you too–you were one of the primary people around when I was just starting out my own blog and I’ll never forget that! ❤

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