Generation Five- Shiloh: Chapter 23


Last night didn’t exactly turn out how you would have thought it would.

I think I was sitting in that chair for hours, just thinking about how well things were finally going and trying to ignore the hangover I had.


When everyone left, Malibu and I went back to my place and we just kind of hung out for a while. We kissed a lot, and she kept giggling and tripping over her own two feet. She was staying with me for the night, so neither of us saw a reason not to drink the rest of the alcohol.

“I think we should play spin t-the bottle,” she slurred, stumbling down and sitting. Tipping the bottle back, I smiled and shook my head.

“Isn’t that for more than two people?”

“So?” Malibu laughed, taking my bottle. She giggled, hiccuped, and spun the bottle. Intentionally stopping it on me, she smiled up at me through her lashes. “Well would you looky here.”


She just kind of lunged at me and we toppled backwards. Her kisses quickly went from ‘drunk and hungry’ to ‘maybe we should take this back to the bedroom.’


So we did.

Everything that happened next was kind of a blur. I’m pretty sure I picked her up and brought her to my room, though. Yeah, that’s it.

I threw Malibu on the bed carelessly like she was just my gym bag. My shirt went off and so did hers. Crawling on top of her, I made sure I wouldn’t hurt her. She was so fragile and tiny. And me, well, I was small in height, but a whole lot of muscle. I bet I had at least fifty or sixty pounds on her, just in muscle.

Our lips met again and this time the kiss went deeper. Her tongue founds its way into her mouth and I got even more forceful. It had been a few years, but Shiloh Noir still had it. And he was going to get it, too. I guess I was sort of hellbent on it happening.


My hands found their way to her back and went on a search for the clip to her bra. When I found it, I started to undo it.

That was when she stopped, looking up at me with those bright blue eyes.


So I stopped.

I didn’t tell her to shut the hell up and take it. I didn’t force her. I didn’t try to talk her into it. Yeah, I might have been drunk, but that didn’t mean my moral code was just going to disappear due to the fact that I was intoxicated. I simply rolled off and pulled her into my chest, rubbing her back-like every man should. Getting sex forcibly just wasn’t cool, period.


We ended up putting our clothes back on and sitting out in the living room, just vegging on the couch and watching T.V. I was pretty sure we watched at least five movies before finally passing out. Malibu left later in the morning and I went to bed.

It was about five in the afternoon when there was a sharp knock on my door. It scared me out of the trance I was in and I dragged myself to the door, barely swinging it open before an all too familiar fist knocked on my face.


“We need to talk,” Malibu said shortly before inviting herself in. My eyebrows furrowed and I closed the door after her, following her into the living room. I had half expected her to go into the kitchen and raid my fridge like she almost always did, but she didn’t. That alone let me know something was up.

“What’s up?” I stuck my hands in my pockets and leaned against the wall, letting Malibu pace around. She stopped abruptly and looked straight at me when I said that.

“Last night,” she started.

“Last night was amazing.”

“Last night was a mistake.”


“Wait.. what?” I stood up straight and crossed my arms, staring into space as I tried to figure out what she just said. Malibu nodded and started pacing again.

“I don’t know why I kissed you back and I certainly don’t know why it almost got that far, and it was all a huge mistake. I’m saying that because I know you’ll expect a lot more now because you’re that kind of man and you get attached really easily, and honestly Shiloh, I’m not ready. I’m not ready for any kind of relationship yet and I’m not ready to go through that again. There’s also the small fact that I don’t want you to get hurt-”

I stepped forward and Malibu flinched a little. Smirking and shaking my head, I said, “I get it.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, I do. You’re intimidated by my amazingly good looks and are afraid you’ll fall in love with me.”

Malibu rolled her eyes and lost the hopeful expression she had. “I’m being serious, Shiloh.”


“So am I.”

“No you’re not. I can tell when you’re joking around. You get this.. this look on your face that just kind of suggests you’re playing around,” Malibu said with a half smile. I quickly scrunched up my face and took a more serious pose, succeeding in making Malibu laugh.

“Damn it, I’m off track again. I just- Look, Shiloh,” she stated shortly as she made a flattening motion with her hands. “We can’t be together. Not right now. I’ll just say that and be simple.”

“Hmm,” I mused. This was actually a first- a girl saying we couldn’t be together. Sure, I had been rejected before, but I had gotten over my fear of rejection long ago. Still, this girl was Malibu and I couldn’t stand the thought losing her. I had once already and I wasn’t about to again. So I ignored the urge I had to kiss her and said the first three words that came to mind: “Friends with benefits.”


She laughed shortly. I kept on smiling and the laugh faded as she looked at me. “Are you being serious..?”

“Dead serious.”

She shifted her weight, looking uncomfortable. “..So, basically, you want to fuck with no strings attached.”

I winked. “If that’s okay with you.”

She took a deep breath and rubbed her hands against her thighs. I shifted my weight to my good leg and uncrossed my arms. Sticking my hands in my pockets, I leaned against the pool table and smiled up at Malibu. “I see..” Malibu mused.


“And I’ll be living in your house.”


Just go with it, Shiloh. I needed someone to keep me company, anyway. Living along got really lonely. Especially when I was on medical leave from the team, and my friends all had jobs. “Mhmm.”

“And we’ll be screwing.”

“Occasionally,” I smirked, nodding. Malibu opened her mouth as if she was about to say something, then smiled and let out a little giggle.

“This is crucial information: will I have to pay for food?”


“I’M IN.”

I smirked. “I lied about the food.”

She scoffed and twisted around, starting for the door. “Well screw you, then.”


I groaned. “Okay, fine, I’ll buy the food.”

“YAY!” she exclaimed, her voice breaking in a cute way. She twisted around, throwing her arms in the air. 

“Now, about the other part of the deal..” I trailed off, smiling at Malibu. She scoffed and smacked my chest, stifling a giggle.

“Oh my Berry, quit being a guy.”

I just nodded, trying not to laugh. “Are you going to make yourself useful if I let you stay here?”

“Besides the sex?”


“Besides the sex.”

“Yeah, sure.”


“Do you have anything in mind?”

“Well, since you’re here..” I trailed off and gestured toward the kitchen. Malibu took one look toward the kitchen and spun on her heel. I laughed and grabbed her from behind, hoisting her over my shoulder. She started beating my back and I snorted, setting her down on the counter.


“Who’s gonna be a good little girl?” I mockingly cooed, leaning down so that I was treating her like a child. Malibu scoffed and pouted, crossing her arms.

“You’re even cute when you’re doing that,” she scoffed, blowing a piece of hair out of her eyes. “This isn’t even fair.”

“Shhh.” I petted her hair, shaking my head. “Shhhhh, it’s okay. You’re not grounded this time, kiddo.”

“What are you-”

I just laughed and shrugged, turning to the dishes. Malibu hopped off the counter and watched me as I filled the sink with water. I walked around the living room and collected all the cups. Who even used all of these? Why didn’t I have a dishwasher? The mysteries of life might never have been revealed.


Flicking water at Malibu, I smiled and watched her flinch. She busted out laughing and started telling me a story about how this one time a couple weeks ago Rouge’s son had gotten into the shower and turned the faucet on, and when Rouge got home the entire hallway was flooded from the bathroom. That was almost an entire paycheck to fix the water damage, but it was so worth it. I laughed so hard that I actually had to put down the dishes I was washing and take a moment. Malibu just laughed and started twirling her fingers around in the suds while I finished washing the dishes.

“Hey, Malibu,” I mused quietly. She looked up. I quickly slammed my hands down in the water and it splashed everywhere.


Malibu jumped back and almost slipped, laughing her butt off. I made a face at her and wiped the water on my face.

“Aaaaah!” I mocked her, waving my hands around my face. She started laughing even harder and bent over, holding her stomach. I snickered and pulled the drain on the sink. Malibu went to block me from pulling the stop out but slipped forward and caught the counter.

“I’m going down!” Malibu yelped as she slipped and fell face first onto the ground. I just stared down and crossed my arms.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?”

“Help me up or you’re coming down with me,” she groaned. I raised my eyebrows and pretended to contemplate actually helping her. Malibu started grabbing my pants and I laughed, yanking her up by her arm.


She winced but leaned back and I leaned into her, snaking my other arm around her waist. She threw her head back and giggled, looking back at me under her eyelashes.


She pretended to catch a rose in her mouth and jerked back up, suddenly getting really close to my face. Taken aback, I stumbled backwards but rebounded quickly and pulled her closer to me. We stared into each other’s eyes with more intensity than a lightbulb in a dark room, and promptly burst out laughing.

“I freaking love you, dude,” she snickers, leaning against the wall. “Alright, now I kind of have to help you clean.”


“Garbage barrel is out front,” I passively said as I grabbed the sponge from the sink and started wiping down the counters. Malibu nodded eagerly and made a show of trying to get as much garbage as she could in her hands without dropping it. I glanced at her every now and then and laughed. “Got it there?”

She jumped and dropped everything. “I did.” clean dat pussy

“Suuure you did.” slurp slurp

“Don’t make me turn that faucet on you, Noir,” she hissed playfully. I threw my hands up and went back to scrubbing the counters. We worked in quiet for a while, the only sound the occasional clinking of soda cans together or something being moved. Pretty soon, my house was back to the way it was. I liked the layout of it. Everything was more open and there was more room to do things. mm bluebearry


Patting the cushion of the couch in, I sighed happily. I jumped onto the couch and reclined my legs, stretching my arms behind my head. There was a slight squeak as Malibu turned the water off and she sprinted across the house, leaping into one of the chairs. I looked over and smirked.

“Didn’t that hurt?”


“Do you ever not act like a child?” I laughed. She shrugged.

“It’s in my nature. You should know that by now.”

“Thanks for sticking around to help clean,” I mentioned as I leaned back and closed my eyes. Malibu giggled. She was like a teenage girl, and it was adorable. Adorable-I hadn’t used that word in a long time. “You can hang out here, if you want. I have no plans for the rest of the day, so.”


Malibu smiled and sat up straight in the chair. “So you remember how I was talking about being an art teacher?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Well, I was looking into it, and as it turns out it’s still possible for someone as old as me to go to school!”

“Oh, nice! Where is it?”

“You know that university on the edge of town?” Malibu shifted restlessly. I looked up at the ceiling for a minute. University-we had a college here? Oh, yeah, Twizz U. That tiny place out on the outskirts of Berry knows where. I nodded enthusiastically.

“Sweet, so you’ll be going there with all the young cool people?”


“The only kind!” she laughed. I laughed and shook my head. It was really cool that she was going to school to do what she always wanted to, really! She was such a good artist. She would be such a great teacher.

“I never went to school here,” I blurted out. “They don’t have a football team. I went to the state college, and just kind of immediately shot to fame.”

“You’re not even famous,” Malibu objected, sticking her tongue out. I glared at her.

“Maybe not to you!”

“You’re famous in every way to me,” she winked. I winked back and we both laughed.


“So why didn’t you go to school when you got out of high school?” I asked, slightly sitting up. Malibu shrugged, shifting in her chair.

“I never really got the chance. I was out of Apple Plains the moment I graduated.”

“And here was your first choice?”

“It was the closest option and at the time, Twizzlerbrook was actually pretty appealing.”

“Why here, though?” I had to admit, she had a good reason-Twizzlerbrook seemed like it was amazing on the outside, but this small town was quieter than a dad trying not to wake his newborn up on his way down the stairs.

“Well, I was gonna leave, but then I met Sanguine and I suddenly had a reason to stay.”


“Well,” I grunted as I got up and sat on the floor, “now I’m your reason to stay. Right?”

“I don’t know. I’ve always kind of wanted to travel the world. Move over,” Malibu said as she nudged me out of the way. I playfully shoved her back and she stuck her tongue out at me.

“Speaking of the world, let’s check the weather in the world,” I laughed as I turned the T.V. on. Malibu gave me a weird look and I smiled creepily at her as I changed the channel without looking. She glanced at the T.V. and snorted, shielding her eyes.


I looked and blood rushed into my face, and I abruptly switched the channel. Okay, never doing THAT again.


“Well, why haven’t you traveled yet, then?” I changed the topic, hoping to never have to relive that embarrassing moment again. Malibu smiled.

“He never really let me. It was always about him. I don’t think he even knew I wanted to leave.”

“That’s just bad boyfriending on his part.”

Malibu laughed. “Oh, like you would be perfect.”

“I am.”


“No, but I mean, I guess we’ve both had our share of horrible relationships, huh?” I laughed half-heartedly. Malibu nodded, staring off into space.


“You never really told me about that,” she mused. I shrugged, bringing my knees to my chest.

“There’s not really a whole lot to talk about.”

“Oh, bull,” she laughed. “C’mon, it can’t be that bad, can it?”

I took a deep breath and stared at the ground. It had been almost two years or more since that whole thing went down; that was really hard to believe. Still, I should be ready to talk about it. I shrugged. “We started dating in my junior year of high school. She was there for pretty much everything, and she was the love of my life. Rena was the reason I got through high school, honestly. That was such a shitty part of my life and she was the brightest thing I had. Then.. we graduated, and I started my football scholarship the next year, and she started her dancing. We did pretty much everything together. When we moved in together, and got our own house.. I don’t know, I was so in love. I thought she was the one, you know?”

Malibu nudged my knee with hers. “What happened?”

“I.. don’t really know. I asked her to marry me- had the big dinner and the romantic night, you know, the whole debacle- and she said no, and the next morning she was gone. I still haven’t seen her around.”


Malibu blew air out through her lips. “That’s rough.” I just shrugged. She looked over, smiled, and scooted closer. “But she definitely didn’t deserve you,” Malibu smiled. She gently pecked my nose and grinned again. I met her gaze and mirrored her expression.


“You know what, though? Now you have me. And this friends with benefits thing is definitely going to work out.”

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15 Responses to Generation Five- Shiloh: Chapter 23

  1. WriterGurl97 says:

    Good sexual morals ftw. And friends with benefits, yess. I approve. Great update ❤

  2. asnzay says:

    I have to applaud Shilo for not taking advantage of the situation. I’m sure there are plenty of guys who would have.

    Psh…friends with benefits. I’m pretty sure that never works out. (Unless countless TV shows and movies have lied to me, which is highly possible.)

    They must get together!! They children would be adorable!!


    • Well there are plenty who would, but Shiloh’s just not one of them. :]
      Honestly, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of an instance where FWB /does/ work out haha
      Would be? hehhee <333 thank you!!!

  3. Shiloh is so cool. If he was real, I would really respect him. (well, I do, but as a character xD)
    Friends with benefits is NOT enough >:D GET MARRIED AND START MAKING BABIES ALREADY YOU TWO !
    I still loooove their relationship 😛 They’re perfect for each other !

    • Hehe! Honestly I think everyone who does what Shiloh did in that situation should be treated with that same amount of respect – maybe then there wouldnt be as many cases of that type of violation.
      They really are! Their personalities keep getting better and better and heuhsdlj;glkjskdg thank you!!! <333

  4. wellslegacy says:

    I’m so proud of Shiloh for not going through with the deed! Good guy! 🙂
    Now this whole thing of friends with benefits? I approve of that…so much…tho I do hope it develops to something more ;3 I’m sure Malibu will get there. Who could really stay away from Shiloh? Not Malibu! OH! 😀
    Awesome chapter, Angie! Hooray! I’m looking forward to moreeeee!

    • Good guys are the best guys!
      Oh it will definitely be developing into something, alright – what, you have to find out for yourself ;D hehehe.
      THank you!!!! <33333

  5. I absolutely love your writing!! And Shiloh’s such a good guy not taking advantage of Malibu. I can’t wait to see how their FWB progresses!

  6. asnzay says:

    The suspense is killing me!! *falls down dramatically*
    Lol, ;P

    I can’t wait for the next chapter!
    (Well, actually I can. You are such a good writer that I could wait a million bazillion years for a new chapter. Oooh….can you imagine how much suspense that would build??)

    • hi thank you so so much!!! Your comment honestly made my entire day and motivated me to try and finish chapter 24 tomorrow!!! Thank you so much darling you are really really sweet <333

      • asnzay says:

        You’re welcome.
        I’m glad I motivated you. I also write so I know how nice it feels to have someone tell you how much they enjoy what you write. 🙂

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