Generation Three- Pearflower: Chapter 11 Part One

The stars were little less than gleaming diamonds dotting the midnight sky, painting a faint image every now and then. I sat next to Maroon, my amnesiac husband who had just returned from Egypt- from what I heard, a meteor crashed and he was nearly killed. He was lucky to even be alive, but unfortunately he didn’t remember a thing about anyone or anything…not even his son, wife, or daughters.

I could hear him talking but wasn’t listening to a word he said. Closing my eyes I gently placed my head on Maroon’s chest, listening to his breathing, the soothing rhythm of his heartbeat. Tilting my chin upward slightly I sighed. It was so hard for me to believe that he had only been within inches of death’s grip.

“You know you’re lucky to be here, Maroon, right?”

“I guess..but it was so fun! The meteor was like, boom! And then I was all burnt and’re sure I’m not really sunburnt? ‘Cause it’s so weird being red!” He really changed with the meteor too, like he was Kobi’s age again.

“Yes, Maroo, you’re not’s the skin you were born with. Just like I’m yellow.” He snorted.

“Well, you could be Asian or something, but alright.” After a while Maroon and I went back inside, changed into our pajamas and laid down for a little while. It was a lot easier on my back, and probably his as well.

“So tell me more about the kids…they’re ours, right?”

“Well, duh..but alright. Rosemary, the one who’s yellow with white hair? She’s the trouble-maker. Don’t leave her out of your sight for more than two seconds, seriously. And, ah, watch your step going in the front door.” His eyes widened slightly at this. “An…astasia-Blossom, the one who looks like you? She’s just like Rosemary only she’s as sneaky as you can get. She’s a doll until you turn away. And, um…well yeah.”

“Where did they get this trouble-making from? Can’t be from me, for sure.”

Rollings my eyes, I replied with a teasing, “Gee, I wonder.”

“What’s the other one like…Rosy Red?”

“Ruby Red, she’s the shy one. I don’t really know actually, she sleeps a lot and I haven’t really gotten to know her yet. But she’s definitely a sweetie.”


Snuggling closer I smiled up at Maroon. He had this fairly misty look in his eye, like he was holding someone else’s wife.

“And then there’s Sunglo, our firstborn. There’s a lot I could tell you about her, like the time she almost fell off the railing or how she was at our wedding, or when she climbed to the top of the aisle in the grocery store,” I trailed off.

“I wanna know it all,” he said, fascinated almost. So I told him everything I could remember about Sunglo, reminiscing on things I didn’t even know I remembered. Maroon paid attention nearly the whole time, with perky ears and a consuming mind. It kind of looked like he was eating up everything I said…in a sense, I guess he was.

“Now how about this Kobi guy? Is he really my only son of five kids?” Smiling meekly I looked down.

“I’m not too sure about him, really…he’s not my child, even though I love him like he is. But I know he’s got your exact personality almost; it’s rather cute.”

“Well I know he inherited my fabulously good looks.” Punching his shoulder I laughed.

“Guess so.”

“What about you and me? I mean no offense but you don’t really seem like my type..” I giggled a little.

“Well to be honest, we’re not really each others’ type; I guess that’s why we’re together, eh?”

“Haha, that’s true I suppose.”

“You know our anniversary is in a few days, right? I mean, do you remember any of that?”

“We have an anniversary?”

“Yes, well…never mind, then.” I tried not to let him see the small amount of disappointment in my eyes; it’s not like I expected him to actually remember when we got married, but a small part of me was still hoping he’d remember.

“And I’m not sunburnt?”

“You’re silly, red guy.” Our small conversations continued on until it was morning, nearly. Maroon seemed to want to know more about why we were together, what we had done together, et cetera.

Right as I got into telling him about when we reunited he got this distant look in his eye, as if he had seen someone..a ghost or something of the likes, if those existed even.

“Maroo..? Did you see someone?”

“Huh? Oh, no, sorry. Go on.”

“No, I want to hear more about Egypt.”

“Well, I don’t exactly remember a whole bunch; you wanna just know what I can think of?”

“That’d be lovely.”


“Say, ‘castle’?”







“Oh, sorry…bad time, huh?”

“You think?” I asked, getting up.

“You want some help?” Maroon asked, pretty much tactless and utterly annoying.

“With what? Teaching my daughter how to talk? I think I can handle it.”

“Well, no offense intended, but couldn’t you not talk before? That kind of makes you ineligible to teach someone how to talk, doesn’t it?”

Rolling my eyes I walked to the sink, snatching the few dishes that were lying around as I went.

“What?” I ignored him as he crossed his arms, begging me to tell him what he had done without actually saying anything. In a few minutes the dishes were washed and I was left scrubbing my hands furiously, until the palms were nearly raw.

“Bear..?” he asked gently, placing a hand on my arm. I slammed my fists on the counter, aggravated to no end.

“It’s Pear, and leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to you right now.”

“What did I do?!”

“What did you do?! Hmm, let’s see. For one, you insulted me- you don’t tell someone who used to be disabled that they shouldn’t be doing something!! You just don’t do that! And for two, you can’t even remember my name- do you know what today is, Maroo?! Do you?!”

“Should I?”

“Just..forget it Maroo. There’s no point, any more.”

“Forget what?! How am I supposed to forget something I didn’t even remember??”

“Shut up. Shut up shut up shut up.”

“Fine. At least I’ve been able to do that my whole life.” I paused for a moment, letting his words sink in.

“…How dare you!”

“Wait, Pear, I didn’t mean it-”

Clasping my hands together and gritting my teeth, I started to walk away, turning back only to say, “No. You meant it, I know. And if you can’t handle the fact that I’m learning as much as you are, then fine. Be that way.”

“Pear, don’t-”

“Don’t. Touch. Me.”

“Pear, I’m sorry!”

By then hot tears were rolling down my face, and I was pretty sure I looked like a complete fool, but what difference did it make? He had hurt me on a touchy subject and it stung. And he forgot our anniversary.

I spent the remainder of the night standing under the gazebo, trying not to cry, trying to be strong for myself, but Maroon’s words hurt more than he thought they would. I was so caught up in my own thoughts, that I didn’t even realize who had come up behind me.

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28 Responses to Generation Three- Pearflower: Chapter 11 Part One

  1. Berry says:

    Awww no T.T

  2. risastorm says:

    Noo!! Maroon! ugh.. men! if he was not my sim i would probably actually have had the meteor fall right on him! I have to get in my game and work on an update like right now! โค

    and the last pic. I know who that is!! :S

  3. fleurlegacy says:

    Is that…Cinna?

  4. callierose says:

    ๐Ÿ˜ฅ nooo. Why are you doing this to me?? How can you break them up??? ARGHH! They’re still together.. they can still be together.. they still love each other really… right??? x

  5. Kay says:

    I don’t like Maroon anymore…it seems his true colors are starting to show..unless he’s just forgotten manners altogether.

  6. Kaleeko says:

    Aaacckk!! :((( Wow–that meteor really screwed him up a lot… To be honest, Maroon actually seemed to at least be trying, all things considered, but he doesn’t seem to understand what this is putting Pear through. I just wanna squeeze her… T_T

  7. Alexlostinsimsville says:



  8. Oh, Maroon, hopefully he remembers everything soon. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ That must be just so hard on poor Pear. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  9. Well, I’m glad he’s alive, but ack, this is really rough too! I do hope he gets his memory back before it’s too late!! Aghghghgghghg. Need more! D=

  10. Wha…wha…noooo Marooooooon!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ While I can’t completely blame him because of what happened with the meteor and all, I still want to punch him in the face…

    Is that Cinna?! Le gasp! I wonder what he wants after not showing up for forever… *grumbles angrily*

  11. Thea says:

    T_____T OMB I feel so bad for Pear. That poor girl.

  12. rhianna says:

    Omg – Has rosemary got Lacey’s(Lacey Chiffon) hair?! If she has then oh my berry! lol XD

  13. Nicarra60 says:

    Aww, Things are so seriously not good now.

  14. โ€œWell, you could be Asian or something, but alright.โ€ <—- LMFAO! WINNNNN! <333
    AND! AND! "Bear…?" You already know how hard that makes me laugh! This is like my fifth time reading this and I STILL laughed! XD Maroon is just AWESOME!

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