Generation Three- Pearflower: Chapter 9

So much has happened…where to start? Perhaps I should begin with what happened about a month after we got married. Yes, I think that would be a nice starting point.

Our wedding night was pure amazing, though I never thought it would cause a pregnancy. Boy oh boy, was I wrong! While Kobi and Maroon were preparing their suitcases for a weekend camping trip, I felt a sudden flurry of nausea and dizziness wash over me. It certainly wasn’t the first time in that month I had felt that way, but it was definitely the worst time that month. Unable to make it into the bathroom right away, last night’s dinner ended up all over the floor.

It certainly didn’t look as appetizing the second time. I found our mop and attempted to wash the remains off of the floor; the stench killed my nostrils. Maroon walked through the door almost as soon as I had finished with cleaning up, and upon seeing the mess grew concerned.

“What happened? Did you get sick?!” I wanted to yell at him right then. As if it wasn’t obvious I got sick. But it was smarter to keep my mouth shut than say something I’d regrt later. “Pear..are you alright? You look kind of pale.”

Blinking angry tears away, I put away the mop and looked directly at Maroon.

I think I’m pregnant..Again. He paused a moment, letting my “words” sink in.

“That’s..that’s wonderful! Maybe I should spend the weekend here with you!”

What about Kobi and you going camping?

“I’m sure he’ll understand! I’ll be right back, okay?” Kissing me lightly, Maroon dashed outside. However, he couldn’t have been more wrong about Kobi understanding. He ended up running away; we didn’t see him for another eight months or so. So much happened in that span of time, too.

Sunglo turned six, and she would be starting school soon. Just that thought alone brought tears to my eyes- my baby was starting school!

Maroon really let himself go, blaming himself over and over again for Kobi’s running away. That one thing alone got on my nerves so often. Some days, I really just wanted to bash him over the head with a frying pan- a hot one.

I reconnected with Java on the day of my five-month scan. Turns out she had a boy now- Menthe. How I missed that, I had absolutely no clue! We just spent the entire day (after my scan) talking about our lives, our family, et cetera. Overall it was an amazing day- and turns out, I was having twins. Fun, fun..

When I returned home that day Maroon and Sunglo were just sitting down for dinner. Smiling warmly at my family I joined them. I had been craving goopy carbonara for quite some time now so it was a welcome surprise. After dinner, my sweet husband [it was still hard to believe I was a Frosting!] pulled me away- he wanted to talk.

“Do you think I’m a good dad- and husband?” This again? Really, Maroon? Rolling my eyes I looked at him. That’s all it ever was. Pity story after pity story after pity story. Finally the anger that had been building up inside me bubbled over- I cracked.

“Day in and day out! All I hear from you is, ‘This is my fault! That is my fault!’ On and on and on! You just NEVER STOP! And now you want to know if you are a GOOD HUSBAND!?”

“And Maroo! If you don’t shut up, I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’LL DO!” It was when he asked with an incredulous voice, “You can talk?!” that I realized what I had just done.

Embarrassed of my outburst I covered my mouth, cheeks flooding with color.

“I’m so sorry..I wasn’t expecting that to actually come out!”

“Pear, your voice is beautiful! Wow!”

“Not really, yours is more so.”

“But yours is so sweet and up until now, unheard by anyone!”

“Aww, you mean it?” I asked softly, smiling up at him through the blaze of my face. We kept up a small conversation- it felt so weird to talk, and man was this stuff tough! I could see why it was so hard for Maroon to get Sunglo to talk when she was little, now.

“Oh, that reminds me: there’s something I’ve been wanting to say to you. I love you!”


It was a mere month later when three things happened, around the same time: Maroon found Kobi again, a complete coincidence; I went into labor; and Maroon and Kobi left for Egypt.

It turns out the doctors missed one little one in my last scan, the little girl was hiding. It was triplets. Ruby Red was the sleeper of the three, therefore she was the easiest to take care of; she was also the nerdiest one, however.

Rosemary was the only one who inherited my skin of them, and she was the feisty chaos-creator. If she wasn’t bawling her eyes out, she was trying to rip out our hair.

And Anastasia-Blossom was the shy but wild one; she got into everything but could hide it so easily if you weren’t paying attention. But her adorable-ness completely made up for it. All of the girls’ did.

We were one big happy family- for now, anyways- and I don’t think I would’ve had it any other way.

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14 Responses to Generation Three- Pearflower: Chapter 9

  1. Gabby says:

    Yay! She can talk πŸ˜€ At first I didn’t realize how strange that was, until Maroon said that xP

  2. shannachka says:

    Awwww, so cute! ^^ I love Pear so much, she’s such a firecracker.

  3. Amy6 says:

    Aww I love the last family picture! Great update! Of to vote for the heir!

  4. Kay says:

    has she been able to talk this whole time!? Such a sweet family:)<333

  5. She can talk?! haha I didn’t even realize it until Maroon said something xD the family is adorableeee~ SQUEE haha! *runs off to go vote*

  6. Thea says:

    Yay the family together and Pear able to talk! What a great big ball of happiness this post is πŸ˜€

  7. Nicarra60 says:

    Awww, triplets. Lots of work ahead but fun too.

    Great update and a lovely family. And Pear talks! Yippee

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