Generation Three- Pearflower: Chapter 8

Carrying a child provided large amounts of fear and emotion for me. Ninety-nine percent of the fear was in the belief that my disability would carry on through my blood, to my child. Of course, one of the first emotions I had was one of complete and utter joy. In a rush, I texted Maroon the news. He replied quickly,

“That’s amazing! πŸ˜€ I have something else to tell you, but it should wait until I get back…”

The rest of the week dragged on, what with my knowledge that something big was going to happen. I spent most of the time with Marzipan, Maroon’s mother. On the day he returned, I happened to be helping out around Marzi’s house. Somehow, I just lost interest in painting that day and instead wanted to clean. She didn’t mind at all.

I was just walking outside to ask where something went when I saw him…and him. Maroon’s “little surprise” wasn’t little at all- he was around eight years old and looked almost exactly like the man standing next to him. Maroon saw me and said, “Hey beautiful.”

But I was justΒ a tad more interested in the kid. Who was that?!

Who is that? I wildly gesticulated.

“Um, well, you see…he’s kind of my…uh…” He paused for an eternity until I finally asked what he was.

“He’s my son…” Maroon replied, skeptically dodging away from me. Shock invaded my brain; my eyes must have been as wide as saucers. Things began to pass in a blur and I didn’t even realize that I was crying. The next thing I knew, Maroon was cradling me in his warm arms.


We had decided upon delivering the news to my family last. Who knows what their reactions would be. Surprisingly, though, everyone was completely calm about my pregnancy. Mom and Primrose were both excited, while Dates and Mindaro could really have cared less.

Maroon got us a house, as well. It was nice living with my family and all, but…I don’t know, I guess having a change was just nice. The house was gorgeous, too. It was nearly all green, but home interior experts had weaved red in and out of the place. It was perfect.

He had also recently gotten a job with the local fire department. The fact alone scared me half to death, that he could be consumed in flames at any given time. I never told him how I felt about his job, though- he truly loved it. So if Maroon was happy, why shouldn’t I be?

It was on a day that I was getting the last of my boxes from Mom’s house, when a sharp pain ripped through my abdomen. The baby was coming!!

Hours later we returned home with Sunglo Frosting-Chiffon (soon to be only Frosting). Maroon made such an amazing father, and I could tell he wouldn’t let anything happen to his baby girl. Who knows, maybe we could have even more kids!


Before I knew it it was our wedding night. Maroon and I had chosen to have a quaint, intimate wedding on the beach we had reunited on. Only our immediate family was to come; money issues and whatnot, plus it was more stress-free that way. He gestured to me to start the wedding once everyone arrived; I gently shook my head and pointed at him.

“Ladies first,” he whispered. I just smiled and pulled out the ring. Gently gliding the gold material onto his slim finger, I could feel a goofy grin spread across my face. From what I could see, Maroon’s expression mirrored mine.

It was then his turn to put the ring on my finger. The ring he had chosen was a glimmering ruby, one that shone as beautifully as the sun (on the rare occasion it was out.). It fit right onto my finger.

We had decided on no vows, simply because it wouldn’t be too easy to sign them. So with the rings came the kiss. The kiss that would seal our marriage. If there was any time I could talk…that time would be now. Just to tell Maroon that I loved him. It killed me, when he told me he loved me but I couldn’t say it back. So to make it up to him, every morning when he would leave for work I would slip a note in his pocket with a heart drawn on it, and “I love you” written underneath. He never noticed, which was a bonus to me.

When we finally stood back from each other slightly, I could see that everyone was smiling. Even Dates, which was shocking; a rarity even. And you know if you can get Kobi to smile he’s genuinely pleased.

We were one happy family, and I couldn’t have ever asked for more.

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28 Responses to Generation Three- Pearflower: Chapter 8

  1. So how is that boy his son?

  2. shannachka says:

    Eeeee, cute wedding! Pear looks amazing and I can’t wait to see Sunglo!

  3. risastorm says:

    Awwwww<3 love the chapter! looks like you are catching up c:

  4. Cami says:

    Wow, she recovered rather quickly from his bombshell of having a son! lol The wedding was sweet πŸ™‚

  5. callierose says:

    Aww but wow she has a step-son!!?? That must have been a shock! And is Sunglo the toddler at the wedding? She looks adorable πŸ™‚ x

  6. sophedreams says:

    Pear seems not 100% happy to me. I hope she’s okay. After her mother’s story, I don’t think I could take it if Pear was so unhappy too!

  7. Thea says:

    Great to see this side of the story ^_^ I can’t wait to see what comes next πŸ˜€

  8. Yay, Pear’s side of the story! ^_^ These two are adorable.

    I’m a little nervous about what’s to come though…all these hints of something being on Pear’s mind and your sly comments on Risa’s chapters. What is going to happen!??! D= D= I’m almost scared to find out, haha XD.

  9. Revengeroxy says:

    ahhhhh i dont want anything bad to happen 😦

  10. Kay says:

    A kid!? I wonder how Pear feels about this..

  11. Berry says:

    DAWWWWW !! <3333

  12. cutepuppy101 says:

    Whose the ghost? (Sorry for the late comment. Catching up on chapters)

  13. Nicarra60 says:

    That’s quite some surprise to spring on your fiancee. But so far, so good apparently.

    Looking forward to the next part.

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